Pre Production Services

Everything to plan your video production. Brainstorms ideas, creates dynamic concepts, and thinks outside the box for client's video production needs.

Concept Development

Our concept development process begins in our creative department, where a team of’s most senior writers, producers, designers, composers, and visual effects artists develop the agreed-upon project objectives into several unique production options.

Message & Audience Targetting

Every video needs to have a clear and concise purpose. Our creative team works with you throughout the message development. Once you have decided upon the message, we'll help you to clearly define the target audience for the video.

Script Writing & Story Boarding

Even if your video is only 30 - 90 seconds, script writing can't be skipped. A script needs to be written as a message delivering tool. And after you've got the concept for the video, we'll help you to create a storyboard which plan out all the graphics needed in the video.

Materials Collection

We'll help you to collect and choose the resources of materials such as: video footage and/or photos, which you can use in the video development process.

Video Production & Animation Services

Preparing, Editing and Producing the video to be served. We help you handle all of the on-set tasks to make your project a success.

Motion Graphics

Any objects or graphics can be animated to give it life and make your video more exciting. We can apply rotation and movement to achieve the needed effects for delivering your message in a video.

Photo Editing

We love to use your photos in our video creations as they help build a connection with the audience. We'll determine what photos are needed and will ask you to supply them.

3D Animation

3D animation is built to create a more realistic feel or environment for the audience. We have all the latest software needed to animate a 3D object and make it look fantastic.

Whiteboard Animation

We provide whiteboard animation service with a time-lapse effect as if the images are being drawn on a whiteboard in the moment seen by the viewer.

Explainer Video

Explainer video is an introduction of a new product or brand that provide fundamental information of a company’s solution to a problem. With our professional and experienced team, we will help you to create amazing explainer animation video.

Infographic Animation

Infographic animation is made from graphic representations of data to clearly communicate complex information in a simplified visual form. We also provide interactive infographics presentation service.

Additional Specialty Services

After your video is ready, you can add some of our specialty services.

Video Hosting

If you don't have a streaming video service, would be happy to host your videos. We'll upload the digital files to the server so you won't have to do any work yourself.

Video Optimization

Just like your website, videos can be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization), it's an important thing for getting your videos found online. We'll also set up channels using social media site for your videos to draw attention to your company.

Monthly Subscription Package

We've made it easy to get video for your website on a continuous basis with our monthly subscription service. For your convenience, payments and work are divided into monthly installments. See our page for pricing.